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回報性能問題 Rorting a Performance Problem
XUL School: 附加元件效能
GPU 效能

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about:memory 是最輕巧使用工具給量測記憶體用量使用在 Mozilla 程式碼,且是最好出發地。它也讓你進行其他記憶體相關的操作像觸發垃圾回收 (GC) 和循環回收 (CC)、轉存 GC & CC 紀錄和轉存無效堆疊偵測 ( DMD) 報告。 about:memory 是建立在 Firefox's memory reporting 構造上.
無效堆疊偵測 (DMD) 是個可識別在about:memory中的量測值問題點,而且可以作各式各樣的一般堆疊研究。 (又名 AWSY) 是記憶體用和回歸偵測系統。
BloatView 在配置和引用計數時列印按類別統計資料,且依類別提供記憶體中洩漏的分解總數目。它常用為 Mozilla持續整合測試的一部分。
引用計數追蹤與平衡是個手段要追蹤由引用計數不正確的使用造成的洩漏。 他們遲緩又不那麼容易使用,且因此大多數適合專家級開發者使用。
GC and CC logs
觸發垃圾回收 (GC) 和循環回收 (CC)紀錄可被產生與分析以不同方式。特別是,他們能幫助瞭解為何特定勿建一直保持存在記憶體。
Valgrind 是個即時偵測種種記憶體相關的問題含洩漏的工具。 Valgrind 常作為Mozilla's持續整合測試的 部份  ,雖然Valgrind的遲緩讓應用範圍受限。
LeakSanitizer (又叫 LSAN) 相似於 Valgrind。 但它跑得快一些因為它使用靜態來源碼架構。LSAN常作為Mozilla's持續整合測試的一部分,雖然多數測試執行時它也是 AddressSanitizer (又叫 ASAN) 測試工作的一部分。
Apple tools
Apple provides some tools for Mac OS X that report similar problems to those reported by LSAN and Valgrind. The "leaks" tool is not recommended for use with SpiderMonkey or Firefox, because it gets confused by tagged pointers and thinks objects have leaked when they have not (see bug 390944).
Leak Gauge
Leak Gauge is a tool that can be used to detect certain kinds of leaks in Gecko, including those involving documents, window objects, and docshells.
LogAlloc is a tool that dumps a log of memory allocations in Gecko. That log can then be replayed against Firefox's default memory allocator independently or through another replace-malloc library, allowing the testing of other allocators under the exact same workload.
Memory Profiler
The memory profiler samples allocation events and provides different views to analyze the allocation characteristic.

See also the documentation on Leak-hunting strategies and tips.

Profiling and performance tools

Profiling with the Developer Tools Profiler
The profiler built into the developer tools has a high-level waterfall, detailed call tree, allocations and GC profiling, and flame graphs. It is available on all platforms and release channels, and also supports remote profiling b2g and Fennec.
Profiling with the Gecko Profiler Addon
The Gecko Profiler Addon is a good tool to start with.
Profiling with Instruments
How to use Apple's Instruments tool to profile Mozilla code.
Profiling with Xperf
How to use Microsoft's Xperf tool to profile Mozilla code.
Profiling with Concurrency Visualizer
How to use Visual Studio's Concurrency Visualizer tool to profile Mozilla code.
Profiling with Zoom
Zoom is a profiler for Linux done by the people who made Shark
Measuring performance using the PerfMeasurement.jsm code module
Using PerfMeasurement.jsm to measure performance data in your JavaScript code.
Adding a new Telemetry probe
Information on how to add a new measurement to the Telemetry performance-reporting system
Profiling JavaScript with Shark
How to use the Mac OS X Shark profiler to profile JavaScript code in Firefox 3.5 or later.
Profiling with Shark
How to use Apple's Shark tool to profile Mozilla code.
Investigating CSS Performance
How to figure out why restyle is taking so long

Power profiling

Power profiling overview
This page provides an overview of relevant information, including details about hardware, what can be measured, and recommended approaches. It should be the starting point for anybody new to power profiling.
tools/power/rapl (Mac, Linux)
tools/power/rapl is a command-line utility in the Mozilla codebase that uses the Intel RAPL interface to gather direct power estimates for the package, cores, GPU and memory.
powermetrics (Mac-only)
powermetrics is a command-line utility that gathers and displays a wide range of global and per-process measurements, including CPU usage, GPU usage, and various wakeups frequencies.
TimerFirings logging (All platforms)
TimerFirings logging is a built-in logging mechanism that prints data on every time fired.
dtrace (Mac-only)
dtrace is a powerful kernel instrumentation tool. One of its many features is the ability to instrument wakeups in a high-context fashion.
Activity Monitor, Battery Status Menu and top (Mac-only)
The battery status menu, Activity Monitor and top are three related Mac tools that have major flaws but often consulted by users, and so are worth understanding.
Intel Power Gadget (Windows, Mac, Linux)
Intel Power Gadget provides real-time graphs for package and processor RAPL estimates. It also provides an API through which those estimates can be obtained.
perf (Linux-only)
perf is a powerful command-line utility that can measure many different things, including energy estimates and high-context measurements of things such as wakeups.
turbostat (Linux-only)
turbostat is a command-line utility that gathers and displays various power-related measurements, with a focus on per-CPU measurements such as frequencies and C-states.
powertop (Linux-only)
powertop is an interactive command-line utility that gathers and displays various power-related measurements.
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