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連接 Firefox OS 裝置

如果您連接了 Firefox OS 裝置,但該裝置沒有出現在 WebIDE 裡,有些事情您可以先試試:

  • 檢查 Firefox OS 版本:請確定您的 Firefox OS(Boot2Gecko)版本是 1.2 以上,方能使用 WebIDE。版本號碼可至「設定 > 裝置資訊」下的「軟體」查詢。如果您的版本太舊,可考慮依循 developer phone guide 的說明升級。
  • 啟用遠端除錯工具:請至「設定」中「裝置資訊 > 更多資訊 > 開發者」中
    • Firefox OS 1.3 以前:勾選「Remote Debugging」
    • Firefox OS 1.4 以後:「Remote Debugging」選單中有「僅 ADB」及「ADB 與開發工具」兩個選項,請選擇「ADB 與開發工具」。
  • 停用螢幕鎖:in the Settings app on the device, go to Screen Lock and unchecking the Lock Screen checkbox. This is a good idea because when the screen gets locked, the phone connection gets lost, meaning it is no longer available for debugging.
  • 不要同時在電腦上連接 Firefox OS 手機與另一隻 Android 手機。
  • if you disabled the ADB Addon Helper, did you successfully run the adb forward command?
  • if you use Linux, make sure you added add a udev rules file, as documented in step 3 of this guide to setting up an Android device. The idVendor attribute to use for the Geeksphone is "05c6", and this page lists other idVendor values.
  • if you use Windows:


如果您想為認證過的應用程式(包括內建的應用程式)除錯,請參考 debugging certified apps 中的說明。

Enable logging

You can also enable verbose logging to gather diagnostics:

  1. visit about:config, and add a new preference called .console.logLevel, with the string value all, and set extensions.adbhelper@mozilla.org.debug to true
  2. In the Add-ons Manager, disable and then re-enable the ADB Helper add-on.
  3. Open the Browser Console and you'll now see console messages prefixed with adb. If the messages don't mean anything to you, ask for help.


請上 IRC 的 #devtools 頻道尋求協助。