How-to guides

These articles provide step-by-step guides to accomplishing specific goals when contributing to MDN.

How to properly tag pages
Article tags are an important way to put visitors in touch with helpful content. Each page should normally have several tags to help keep content organized. This page explains the best way to tag pages so that our readers can find information and we can keep ourselves organized.
كيفية إنشاء وتحرير الصفحات
This article introduces new contributors to the process of editing existing pages and creating new ones.
كيفية الإبلاغ عن مشكلة في MDN
Now and then, you may run into problems while using MDN. Whether it's a problem with site infrastructure or an error in documentation content, you can either try to fix it yourself or report the problem. While the former is preferred, the latter is sometimes the best you can manage, and that's okay too.
كيفية الكتابة والرجوع إلى التدوين في قاموس المصطلحات
In this article, we cover how to add and link to entries in the MDN Web Docs glossary. We also provide guidelines about glossary entry layout and content.