Add-ons add new functionality to Mozilla applications such as Firefox, SeaMonkey and Thunderbird. The term "add-on" includes plugins, extensions, themes, and search engine plug-ins.

The Add-on Manager provides access to add-ons in order to determine what's available, install and remove add-ons, and manage the available add-ons.


Add-on Manager
Using the Add-on Manager.
Add-on Repository
The Add-on Repository is used to find available add-ons.
Interfacing with the Add-on Repository
How to use the AddonRepository.jsm code module to interact with AMO.
Working with AMO
Tips and suggestions for how to make your add-on work with the repository.
Information about developing extensions for Mozilla applications.
Add-on guidelines
Guidelines for creating great add-ons that are more likely to be successful!
How to develop plugins.
Developing themes (or skins) for Mozilla applications.
Creating OpenSearch plugins for Firefox
How to develop search plug-ins for Firefox.
Performance guides and utilities to help you make your add-on perform well (and to play nicely with others).

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