createCDATASection() creates a new CDATA section node, and returns it.


var CDATASectionNode = document.createCDATASection(data);
  • CDATASectionNode is a CDATA Section node.
  • data is a string containing the data to be added to the CDATA Section.


var docu = new DOMParser().parseFromString('<xml></xml>', 'application/xml')

var cdata = docu.createCDATASection('Some <CDATA> data & then some');


alert(new XMLSerializer().serializeToString(docu));
// Displays: <xml><![CDATA[Some <CDATA> data & then some]]></xml>


  • This will only work with XML, not HTML documents (as HTML documents do not support CDATA sections); attempting it on an HTML document will throw NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR.
  • Will throw a NS_ERROR_DOM_INVALID_CHARACTER_ERR exception if one tries to submit the closing CDATA sequence ("]]>") as part of the data, so unescaped user-provided data cannot be safely used without this method getting this exception (createTextNode() can often be used in its place).


Specification Status Comment
The definition of 'document.createCDATASection' in that specification.
Living Standard

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