The type property of the HTMLObjectElement interface returns a DOMString that reflects the type HTML attribute, specifying the MIME type of the resource.


var String = HTMLObjectElement.type
HTMLObjectElement.type = String;


A DOMString.


Specification Status Comment
HTML Living Standard
The definition of 'type' in that specification.
Living Standard Initial definition.

Browser compatibility

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ChromeEdgeFirefoxInternet ExplorerOperaSafariAndroid webviewChrome for AndroidFirefox for AndroidOpera for AndroidSafari on iOSSamsung Internet
typeChrome Full support 1Edge Full support 12Firefox Full support 1IE Full support YesOpera Full support YesSafari Full support 6WebView Android Full support 37Chrome Android Full support 18Firefox Android Full support 4Opera Android Full support YesSafari iOS Full support YesSamsung Internet Android ?


Full support Ā 
Full support
Compatibility unknown Ā 
Compatibility unknown