The MediaTrackSettings dictionary's cursor property indicates whether or not the cursor should be captured as part of the video track included in the MediaStream returned by getDisplayMedia().


cursorSetting = mediaTrackSettings.cursor;


The value of cursor comes from the CursorCaptureConstraint enumerated string type, and may have one of the following values:

The mouse should always be visible in the video content of the {domxref("MediaStream"), unless the mouse has moved outside the area of the content.
The mouse cursor should always be included in the video if it's moving, and for a short time after it stops moving.
The mouse cursor is never included in the shared video.


Specification Status Comment
Screen Capture
The definition of 'MediaTrackSettings.cursor' in that specification.
Working Draft Initial definition

Browser compatibility

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cursorChrome Full support 71Edge Full support ≤79Firefox No support NoIE No support NoOpera Full support YesSafari ? WebView Android Full support 71Chrome Android Full support 71Firefox Android No support NoOpera Android ? Safari iOS ? Samsung Internet Android Full support 10.0


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