The remote property of the RTCIceCandidatePair dictionary specifies the RTCIceCandidate describing the configuration of the remote end of a viable WebRTC connection.


remoteCandidate = RTCIceCandidatePair.remote;


An RTCIceCandidate which describes the configuration of the remote end of a viable pair of ICE candidates. The RTCIceCandidatePair is returned by the RTCIceTransport method getSelectedCandidatePair().


This one-line example obtains the current candidate pair and then from that gets the remote candidate.

var candidatePair = pc.getSenders()[0].transport.transport.getSelectedCandidatePair();
var remoteCandidate = candidatePair.remote;

The RTCIceTransport is found by getting the list of RTCRtpSender objects for the RTCPeerConnection pc. In the first RTCRtpSender, we get the RTCDtlsTransport over which the media data is being transmitted and finally, from that, the RTCIceTransport.