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The Intl.DisplayNames object is a constructor for objects that enables the consistent translation of language, region and script display names.


Creates Intl.DisplayNames objects.


Allows the addition of properties to all objects.


Returns an array containing those of the provided locales that are supported without having to fall back to the runtime's default locale.

DisplayNames instances


DisplayNames instances inherit the following properties from their prototype:

A reference to Intl.DisplayNames.


DisplayNames instances inherit the following methods from their prototype:

This method receives a code and returns a string based on the locale and options provided when instantiating Intl.DisplayNames.
Returns a new object with properties reflecting the locale and formatting options computed during initialization of the object.


Region Code Display Names

To create an Intl.DisplayNames for a locale and get the display name for a region code.

// Get display names of region in English
var regionNames = new Intl.DisplayNames(['en'], {type: 'region'});
console.log(regionNames.of('419')); // "Latin America"
console.log(regionNames.of('BZ')); // "Belize"
console.log(regionNames.of('US')); // "United States"
console.log(regionNames.of('BA')); // "Bosnia & Herzegovina"
console.log(regionNames.of('MM')); // "Myanmar (Burma)"

// Get display names of region in Traditional Chinese
regionNames = new Intl.DisplayNames(['zh-Hant'], {type: 'region'});
console.log(regionNames.of('419')); // "拉丁美洲"
console.log(regionNames.of('BZ')); // "貝里斯"
console.log(regionNames.of('US')); // "美國"
console.log(regionNames.of('BA')); // "波士尼亞與赫塞哥維納"
console.log(regionNames.of('MM')); // "緬甸"

Language Display Names

To create an Intl.DisplayNames for a locale and get the display name for a language-script-region sequence.

// Get display names of language in English
var languageNames = new Intl.DisplayNames(['en'], {type: 'language'});
console.log(languageNames.of('fr')); // "French"
console.log(languageNames.of('de')); // "German"
console.log(languageNames.of('fr-CA')); // "Canadian French"
console.log(languageNames.of('zh-Hant')); // "Traditional Chinese"
console.log(languageNames.of('en-US')); // "American English"
console.log(languageNames.of('zh-TW')); // "Chinese (Taiwan)"]

// Get display names of language in Traditional Chinese
languageNames = new Intl.DisplayNames(['zh-Hant'], {type: 'language'});
console.log(languageNames.of('fr')); // "法文"
console.log(languageNames.of('zh')); // "中文"
console.log(languageNames.of('de')); // "德文"

Script Code Display Names

To create an Intl.DisplayNames for a locale and get the display name for a script code.

// Get display names of script in English
var scriptNames = new Intl.DisplayNames(['en'], {type: 'script'});
// Get script names
console.log(scriptNames.of('Latn')); // "Latin"
console.log(scriptNames.of('Arab')); // "Arabic"
console.log(scriptNames.of('Kana')); // "Katakana"

// Get display names of script in Traditional Chinese
scriptNames = new Intl.DisplayNames(['zh-Hant'], {type: 'script'});
console.log(scriptNames.of('Latn')); // "拉丁文"
console.log(scriptNames.of('Arab')); // "阿拉伯文"
console.log(scriptNames.of('Kana')); // "片假名"

Currency Code Display Names

To create an Intl.DisplayNames for a locale and get the display name for currency code.

// Get display names of currency code in English
var currencyNames = new Intl.DisplayNames(['en'], {type: 'currency'});
// Get currency names
console.log(currencyNames.of('USD')); // "US Dollar"
console.log(currencyNames.of('EUR')); // "Euro"
console.log(currencyNames.of('TWD')); // "New Taiwan Dollar"
console.log(currencyNames.of('CNY')); // "Chinese Yuan"

// Get display names of currency code in Traditional Chinese
currencyNames = new Intl.DisplayNames(['zh-Hant'], {type: 'currency'});
console.log(currencyNames.of('USD')); // "美元"
console.log(currencyNames.of('EUR')); // "歐元"
console.log(currencyNames.of('TWD')); // "新台幣"
console.log(currencyNames.of('CNY')); // "人民幣"


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