HTML <figure> 元素代表一段独立的内容, 经常与说明(caption) <figcaption> 配合使用, 并且作为一个独立的引用单元。当它属于主内容流(main flow)时,它的位置独立于主体。这个标签经常是在主文中引用的图片,插图,表格,代码段等等,当这部分转移到附录中或者其他页面时不会影响到主体。

Content categories Flow content, sectioning root, palpable content.
Permitted content A <figcaption> element, followed by flow content; or flow content followed by a <figcaption> element; or flow content.
Tag omission 不允许,开始标签和结束标签都不能省略。
Permitted parents Any element that accepts Flow content.
Permitted ARIA roles group, presentation
DOM interface HTMLElement


此元素只包含 全局属性


  • Usually a <figure> is an image, illustration, diagram, code snippet, etc., that is referenced in the main flow of a document, but that can be moved to another part of the document or to an appendix without affecting the main flow.
  • Being a sectioning root, the outline of the content of the <figure> element is excluded from the main outline of the document.
  • A caption can be associated with the <figure> element by inserting a <figcaption> inside it (as the first or the last child). The first <figcaption> element found in the figure is presented as the figure's caption.



<!-- Just an image -->
  alt="A robotic monster over the letters MDN.">

<!-- Image with a caption -->
  alt="A robotic monster over the letters MDN.">	
  <figcaption>MDN Logo</figcaption>


  <figcaption>Get browser details using <code>navigator</code>.</figcaption>
function NavigatorExample() {
  var txt;
  txt = "Browser CodeName: " + navigator.appCodeName;
  txt+= "Browser Name: " + navigator.appName;
  txt+= "Browser Version: " + navigator.appVersion ;
  txt+= "Cookies Enabled: " + navigator.cookieEnabled;
  txt+= "Platform: " + navigator.platform;
  txt+= "User-agent header: " + navigator.userAgent;


  <figcaption><cite>Edsger Dijkstra:</cite></figcaption>
  <blockquote>If debugging is the process of removing software bugs,
  then programming must be the process of putting them in.</blockquote>


  <p style="white-space:pre">
Bid me discourse, I will enchant thine ear,
  Or like a fairy trip upon the green,
Or, like a nymph, with long dishevell'd hair,
  Dance on the sands, and yet no footing seen:
Love is a spirit all compact of fire,
  Not gross to sink, but light, and will aspire.</p>
  <figcaption><cite>Venus and Adonis</cite>,
    by William Shakespeare</figcaption>


规范 状态 备注
HTML Living Standard
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