The WebGLRenderingContext.renderbufferStorage() method of the WebGL API creates and initializes a renderbuffer object's data store.


void gl.renderbufferStorage(target, internalFormat, width, height);


A Glenum specifying the target renderbuffer object. Possible values:
  • gl.RENDERBUFFER: Buffer data storage for single images in a renderable internal format.
A Glenum specifying the internal format of the renderbuffer. Possible values:
  • gl.RGBA4: 4 red bits, 4 green bits, 4 blue bits 4 alpha bits.
  • gl.RGB565: 5 red bits, 6 green bits, 5 blue bits.
  • gl.RGB5_A1: 5 red bits, 5 green bits, 5 blue bits, 1 alpha bit.
  • gl.DEPTH_COMPONENT16: 16 depth bits.
  • gl.STENCIL_INDEX8: 8 stencil bits.
  • When using a WebGL 2 context, the following values are available additionally:
    • gl.R8
    • gl.R8UI
    • gl.R8I
    • gl.R16UI
    • gl.R16I
    • gl.R32UI
    • gl.R32I
    • gl.RG8
    • gl.RG8UI
    • gl.RG8I
    • gl.RG16UI
    • gl.RG16I
    • gl.RG32UI
    • gl.RG32I
    • gl.RGB8
    • gl.RGBA8
    • gl.SRGB8_ALPHA8 (also available as an extension for WebGL 1, see below)
    • gl.RGB10_A2
    • gl.RGBA8UI
    • gl.RGBA8I
    • gl.RGB10_A2UI
    • gl.RGBA16UI
    • gl.RGBA16I
    • gl.RGBA32I
    • gl.RGBA32UI
    • gl.DEPTH24_STENCIL8
    • gl.DEPTH32F_STENCIL8
  • When using the WEBGL_color_buffer_float extension:
    • ext.RGBA32F_EXT: RGBA 32-bit floating-point type.
    • ext.RGB32F_EXT: RGB 32-bit floating-point type.
  • When using the EXT_sRGB extension:
    • ext.SRGB8_ALPHA8_EXT: 8-bit sRGB and alpha.
  • When using a WebGL 2 context and the EXT_color_buffer_float extension:
    • gl.R16F
    • gl.RG16F
    • gl.RGBA16F
    • gl.R32F
    • gl.RG32F
    • gl.RGBA32F
    • gl.R11F_G11F_B10F
A GLsizei specifying the width of the renderbuffer in pixels.
A GLsizei specifying the height of the renderbuffer in pixels.

Return value



gl.renderbufferStorage(gl.RENDERBUFFER, gl.RGBA4, 256, 256);


Specification Status Comment
WebGL 1.0
The definition of 'renderbufferStorage' in that specification.
Recommendation Initial definition for WebGL.
OpenGL ES 2.0
The definition of 'glRenderbufferStorage' in that specification.
Standard Man page of the OpenGL ES 2 API.
WebGL 2.0
The definition of 'getRenderbufferParameter' in that specification.
Editor's Draft Updated definition for WebGL 2.
OpenGL ES 3.0
The definition of 'glRenderbufferStorage' in that specification.
Standard Man page of the (similar) OpenGL ES 3 API.
Adds many new internal formats.

Browser compatibility

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ChromeEdgeFirefoxInternet ExplorerOperaSafariAndroid webviewChrome for AndroidFirefox for AndroidOpera for AndroidSafari on iOSSamsung Internet
renderbufferStorageChrome Full support 9Edge Full support 12Firefox Full support 4IE Full support 11Opera Full support 12Safari Full support 5.1WebView Android Full support YesChrome Android Full support 25Firefox Android Full support YesOpera Android Full support 12Safari iOS Full support 8Samsung Internet Android Full support 1.5
WebGL2Chrome Full support 56Edge Full support 79Firefox Full support 51IE No support NoOpera Full support 43Safari No support NoWebView Android Full support 58Chrome Android Full support 58Firefox Android Full support 51Opera Android Full support 43Safari iOS No support NoSamsung Internet Android Full support 7.0


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