The hue-rotate() CSS function rotates the hue of an element and its contents. Its result is a <filter-function>.




The relative change in hue of the input sample, specified as an <angle>. A value of 0deg leaves the input unchanged. A positive hue rotation increases the hue value, while a negative rotation decreases the hue value. The lacuna value for interpolation is 0. There is no minimum or maximum value; hue-rotate(Ndeg) evaluates to N modulo 360.


hue-rotate(-90deg)  /* Same as 270deg rotation */
hue-rotate(0deg)    /* No effect */
hue-rotate(90deg)   /* 90deg rotation */
hue-rotate(.5turn)  /* 180deg rotation */
hue-rotate(405deg)  /* Same as 45deg rotation */

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