The aspect-ratio CSS media feature can be used to test the aspect ratio of the viewport.


The aspect-ratio feature is specified as a <ratio> value representing the width-to-height aspect ratio of the viewport. It is a range feature, meaning you can also use the prefixed min-aspect-ratio and max-aspect-ratio variants to query minimum and maximum values, respectively.


The example below is contained in an <iframe>, which creates its own viewport. Resize the <iframe> to see aspect-ratio in action.


<div id='inner'>
  Watch this element as you resize your viewport's width and height.


/* Minimum aspect ratio */
@media (min-aspect-ratio: 8/5) {
  div {
    background: #9af; /* blue */

/* Maximum aspect ratio */
@media (max-aspect-ratio: 3/2) {
  div {
    background: #9ff;  /* cyan */

/* Exact aspect ratio, put it at the bottom to avoid override*/
@media (aspect-ratio: 1/1) {
  div {
    background: #f9a; /* red */



Specification Status Comment
Media Queries Level 4
The definition of 'aspect-ratio' in that specification.
Candidate Recommendation No change.
Media Queries
The definition of 'aspect-ratio' in that specification.
Recommendation Initial definition.

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